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Your Pokecoins will be generated within minutes of requesting.

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Our generator works seamlessly on iOS and Android devices.

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Our service will always be free to use, for you to generate your Free Pokemon Go PokeCoins whenever you please (please respect our servers and redeem coins every 24 hours - this is enforced to make it fair for everyone).

Encrypted Server Connection (AES-256)

We are the first to reverse engineer the Pokemon Go private api. All of the data is sent forward and backwards from our server, so you are safe and protected at all times.

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How to use

  • 1. Touch Pokeball to start.
  • 2. Choose your device OS: Android or iOS.
  • 3. Choose the quantity of Free PokeCoins.
  • 4. Enter your Pokemon Go name.
  • 5. Wait until the process finish. This usually takes less than two minutes.
  • 6. Verify your account. To verify you need to download a free available app. Open it for 30 sec., then you will be forwarded to the generator GUI where you will get your Free PokeCoins! Yep, we know that this can look ridiculous, but this is the only safe way to verify that you are 100% a human, after verification you can just delete that free app if you want.
  • 7. Congratulations! Adding Free PokeCoins to your account has been successfully completed.
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